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Lord-Specific Crossed Lances Tokens now available

Sally 4th knows one Lord wouldn't dare use the tokens and iconography of another! That's just unheard of! So they've got several Lord-specific token sets now available for Crossed Lances.


From the post:

Because not all men were created equal….

This week we have added Lord specific coloured tokens for the first five Lords:
King Edward I
Sir William Marshall
Sir Simon de Montfort
Earl of Warwick
Sir Maurice de Berkeley

These Lord and Shield tokens can be used instead of the standard set in Crossed Lances. Each set has a different mix of positive and negative modifiers which is specific to that Lord and comes with a sheet of heraldry printed on self-adhesive matt photo paper to cut out and apply to the back of the tokens. As well as looking really great on the gaming table, these tokens significantly increase the interest in the tournament as each Lord can have a different set of abilities.