Lord of the Rings HeroClix game

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Jan 18th, 2011

WizKids have announced a Lord of the Rings HeroClix game and a boardgame.

From their website:

Wizkids announced today the addition of “The Lord of the Rings” property to their 2011 HeroClix release schedule through a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The first products of the new “The Lord of the Rings” line will be a HeroClix miniatures game followed by a HeroClix strategic board game, both of which will release in the back half of 2011.

“The Lord of the Rings” HeroClix miniatures game will be sold in two different packages: a campaign style box set and the traditional booster format. The all-in-one campaign style box set will include everything a player needs, including NEW epic level rules and maps. The booster format includes the figures, similar to other previous HeroClix releases. With whichever format chosen, all of the twenty or more figures will be compatible with other HeroClix miniatures games.

The second release is a unique semi cooperative HeroClix board game, following in the similar format of our other HeroClix board game products. HeroClix figures, a gameboard and several decks of cards provide all the components needed to play this unique take on “The Lord of the Rings” story. The fun twist in the game is that players’ get to play as the Nazgul working with and against other Nazgul trying to capture the One Ring before it reaches Mount Doom.

  • Robert

    Unexpected. Although I remember when Wizkids (the pre-NECA Wizkids) tried putting out a constructible game of LoTR and that got quickly and quietly smashed into Not Happening.

  • cannondaddy

    Finally I can create an epic showdown of Gizmo vs. Gandalf.

  • wellender

    Only if you mean the one from the Fearsome Five. The Gremlins were not clix, just a board game. They didn’t even attempt to scaling them to Heroclix. I understand the irony of that statement 🙂 Anyway, that’s too bad because Gizmo vs. Gandalf would be awesome. We’ll have to hold out for Dhalsim vs. Gandalf.

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    That doesn’t sound like such a great idea … GW’s LOTR started to die as soon as the hype around the movies ceased.

    Perhaps if this was set up not as a LOTR, but a broader, Middle Earth franchise, … though being licenced by WB might mean at least Hobbit expansion there as well.

    I wish this was based on Mage Knight instead, and heralding the return of the game.

    • wellender

      They have said they are bringing Mage Knight back. Maybe this is part of it.

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    Says it will be compatible with HeroClix, so …

    • Sweet: Batman vs. Frodo.

  • wildger

    No doubt that some suckers will pour their money into it. I am certain that I will not be one of them.

    • Robert

      Why the hate? What does it matter what other games choose to do with their dollars?

      • Robert

        dangit, gamers, not games.

        This is not a zero-sum function. People are entitled to their own tastes and that’s a good thing.

      • BaconSlayer

        Actually, it does make a difference, and it isn’t the players, it is the stores. Most stores don’t have the Infinte Money Bucket to order new properties willy-nilly. If a game doesn’t get traction, it can be the last nail in the coffin for a store that just doesn’t understand what its customer base wants. If nothing else, that is less money available for another new game that might actually see acceptance.

        • Robert

          So wait.

          If a store orders something that doesn’t sell and goes out of business, whose fault is it?

          The people who make the product?
          The customers who don’t buy it?
          The store who ordered it?

          And the quality of the product has NO BEARING on what sells and what flops. Quality is – in part if not entirely – subjective.

  • grimbergen

    Interesting, Star Trek hasn’t even been released yet and they’re already securing another franchise? I guess Neca’s backing has them (and probably the license holders) more confident, or they are going with the strategy of just throwing out tons of licensed products and hoping to profit by sheer volume?

  • grimbergen

    ALso, anyone heard anything about GW’s LOTR license? I know the combat hex was a simultaneous product line, but wasn’t sabretooth also owned or partially owned by GW?

  • Toqtamish

    wasn’t owned by them at the time of the combat hex game, I think they do own them now.

    • PanzerKraken

      Isn’t Sabertooth dead now? Swore they killed it off a while ago.

      • Osbad

        Yup. Wound down a couple of years back as part of their rationailsation. IIRC, Sabretooth’s last product was the Universal Fighting System CCG, which is now totally run by fans on a non-commercial basis. Their old 40mm plastic LotR figures were shut down 5 years or so back I think. My son has a bucket load!

        • Osbad

          By the way, I’m liking the idea of a complete board game version. If they are moving away from the collectible side of things and providing viable alternatives to blind purchase, I can see me being interested, provided the sculpts aren’t horrible!

          • Unfortunately, the recent Heroclix sculpts do not inspire me with much faith in future products.

  • grimbergen

    It’s all a matter of personal opinion I suppose, but I think while many sculpts today are pretty lame, there are also many that are fantastic and some of the best we’ve ever seen in the clix. The production process and the plastics aren’t kind to more dynamic sculpts, but if you look at some of the original greens that James van Schaik did, they are on par with the stuff he does for Pulp City and Malifaux.

    Also, what ruins in not is that universally there is are serious problem with paint quality now — though that’s been an issue well before Neca, ever since around the Avengers set. For a while around Armor Wars/Sinister I thought they made a huge improvement, but maybe they changed production companies in China after that.