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LootCrafter Card Game Up On Kickstarter

What's the best weapon that you can create? Do you think your mace of goo can beat someone's souped-up bow of backfire? What about a hedgehog launcher? Well, now you can find out in LootCrafter, a new card game where you build your own weapon and then see if it can defeat your opponent's.

Take up the mantle of a legendary weaponsmith looking to create the ultimate weapon. The core set for the game comes with eight different weapons, all unique that you can then upgrade and tinker with. You want to get all the parts for your weapon quickly, or you may be left out in the cold when it comes time to see whose is the best. Only one weapon will be able to rule them all.

The campaign is really looking to get off the ground. They've got 18 days left to make it to their goal.