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Looney Labs Launches Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter

How much would you expect to pay for 22 games? $300? $700? $7.65 Billion? How about just $77? Yes, the folks over at Looney Labs are running a Kickstarter campaign for Pyramid Arcade, a collection of their various Pyramid games all in one place for a single price of $77 (for the main pledge level).

If you like being able to have a whole library of games all in your backpack, look no further. This set gives you various game boards, game cards, rules, and enough pyramids to play 22 different games of various game length and complexity. There's also special Kickstarter Green pyramids you can get for the games, or just pick them up separately if you just want to expand your Pyramids collection.

The campaign is already over their funding goal with still 30 days left on the clock.