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Looney Labs Announces Two Star Trek Fluxx Games

Fluxx is boldly going where no Fluxx has gone before! Looney Labs has announced the release of two new Fluxx games, based on the acclaimed Star Trek franchise. One gives you classic Trek, while the other delves into The Next Generation. Want to play them together? There's the Bridge Expansion for that. Just might want to change out of your red shirt.

From the announcement:

We are very excited to announce three new Star Trek Titles from Looney Labs - two standalone card games and an expansion pack that allows you to shuffle both decks together!

Star Trek Fluxx: Featuring characters from the Original Series, including Spock, Uhura, and Scotty!
Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx: Featuring TNG characters, including Troi, Riker, and Worf!
Star Trek Fluxx Bridge Expansion: 12 cards that allow Kirk to meet Picard, Spock to meet Data, and the Past to meet the Future!