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Looney Labs Announces Retro Loonacy Card Game

Far-out, man. Are you hip to the jive? It's like, totally wow.
Looney Labs, makers of Fluxx in all its forms, has announced a new card game that they'll be releasing in just a couple months. Retro Loonacy is a fast-paced card game where you look to try and empty your hand as fast as possible. Actually... now that I think about it, I played a prototype of something like this last year at Gen Con. It would seem that all the bugs have been worked out and it's time to release it to the masses.

In the game, you are dealt a hand of cards. Then, one card is flipped into the center. Cards have symbols on them that you try and match with cards in your hand. You don't take individual turns. You're all playing as fast as you can to drain your hand of cards. First one to play out wins. You need a quick eye and a quicker hand to succeed.

Expect the game in stores in October 2nd and cost $15.