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Looney Labs announces new versions of Fluxx

Looney Labs has announced two new versions of Fluxx coming soon. First is a new variant, Holiday Fluxx, which brings Fluxx to the wintery, holiday season. The other is Version 5.0 of the basic game.
There's also this video, because why not.


From the announcement:

We have TWO new versions of Fluxx on the way to stores right now: Holiday Fluxx and Fluxx version 5.0!

Holiday Fluxx will be the perfect game to play during any holiday gathering from Halloween to New Year’s Day. The charming, vintage-style illustrations were done for us by Ali Douglass, and we’re all absolutely delighted with the way it came together. I’m hoping it will quickly become a tradition for families to play Holiday Fluxx together after one or another of those big holiday dinners. It’s the most wonderful game of the year!

As for 5.0, it’s time for an update. It’s been six years since the last big revision to our flagship game, and we’ve created a lot of other versions of Fluxx since then. Indeed, the game has evolved quite a bit since the first edition, which we published almost 20 years ago. With lessons learned from those other Fluxxes and all the games of version 4.0 we’ve played over the years, we’ve found quite a few things we wanted to update.