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Looney Labs Announces Fluxx Dice

Fluxx is the chaotic game that you don't know how to win when you start playing (because nobody's played that card yet). Every turn the rules can (and certainly do) change. That's the fun of it. Well, with the coming of new Fluxx Dice, that chaos is expanded, as every turn will be different from the last, due to the roll of the dice.

So how does this new set work? Well, instead of the standard "draw one, play one" basic rules of Fluxx, players will instead roll the draw and play dice. This is definitely going to change how Fluxx plays. The set comes with two dice and five cards. It's compatible with all 12 (currently, they're coming out with more all the time) Fluxx sets already available. You can get your copy of Fluxx Dice on August 28th. Be sure to save your nickels so you'll have $12 to buy it!

"I always say that Fluxx is a different game each time you play, but with Fluxx Dice it's a different game every turn," said designer Andy Looney.