Looking into malware reports

There have been a few reports of the site being infected with malware. I am looking into this and attempting to update the site and check for problems.

If you get a report of an attempted malware attack from TGN I would appreciate any reports that your AV software generates in order to help track the problem down.

Update: Re-installed the latest version of WordPress and am now scouring the server for issues. If you are still getting reports of malware can you try to send me the source code for the page and your browser version and type. Thanks.

Update 2: Make sure that you force refresh the site if you are viewing it from Windows to ensure that you have the most recent version of the site.

Update 3: I’ve disabled the sidebar Flash banner to see if that is the issue.

Update 4: Problem appears to be solved. If you are still encountering a problem then please clear your browser cache