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Look for this Knight at Adepticon

DGS Games will be headed to Adepticon and will be bringing plenty of Freeblades goodies with them.


From the announcement:

DGS Games has released photos of the original sculpt of upcoming Freeblades figure release the Haradelan Questing Knight of Sylvia. Sculpted by Chris Jackson, this figure is yet another highly detailed and realistic style figure from DGS Games.

This is scheduled for release this spring and should make it's debut at Adpeticon.

DGS Games plans to release 3 new models: Black Thorn Bounty Hunter, Haradelan Questing Knight of Sylvia and Trilian Veteran Defender at Adepticon this year.

There will also be a number of Freeblades games to play in as well. The Bladestone game is a Freeblades adventure in our ten-level Bladestone Keep!

Freeblades Demo Friday 9 am
Freeblades Bladestone Friday 2 pm
Freeblades Demo Saturday 9 am
Freeblades Bladestone Saturday 2 pm
Freeblades Bladestone Saturday 7 pm

DGS also conducts impromptu demos and run through game play at their booth.