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Lone Wolf Development Announces Pathfinder License for Realm Works

These days, everything is going digital. That's not a complaint, really. I know some people, myself included, prefer having an actual book in their hands, rather than read something on a screen, but I don't begrudge digital innovations and will use them when necessary (I mean, I could be going door-to-door telling you about all this gaming news every day, but I don't think it'd work out quite so well). Well, Paizo and Lone Wolf Development have teamed up to bring Pathfinder to the Realm Works RPG Management Software System.

The updates, which will come out next year, will allow players to read and play various Adventure Paths and Modules. Rulebooks, setting material, and more will all be slowly brought online. GMs will be able to alter existing modules to make them fit their campaign better (since we all know that every RPG book out there is *pirate voice* more like guidelines, anyway */pirate voice*).

We'll be getting more information throughout the month as release schedules and other timetables are announced.