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Lone Wolf Adventure 29: The Storms of Chai Available To Order

The latest edition of Lone Wolf Adventures is now available to order. The Storms of Chai pits you against the forces of evil. They threaten to take over all of Magnamund, and only you and your choices can stem the tide and send it fleeing back from whence it came. Has Kai Supreme Master Lone Wolf chosen wisely in putting such power in your hands? Or would it have been better to just use... I dunno... a bunny or something.

Storms of Chai

This is the first book of the series that is being published by Holmgard Press. The company was created by Lone Wolf author Joe Denver. Printing the books this way allows people to order signed first-edition copies if they so choose. The books will retain the same binding and size of previous books. So you don't have to worry about your collection suddenly changing shape on your shelf (I hate when that sort of thing happens. So glad to see they've avoided that here).