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Lone Gunman Games has new 28mm Barbarian on War Cat now for pre-order

Lone Gunman Games is taking orders for their first new miniature of the year, a barbarian on a giant war cat.

From them to you:

This is a Barbarian Warrior astride a huge War cat, sculpted by Leandro Ventic?. The cat stands 40MM high at the head from the table top. The base is 30MM wide at the back and cat + base together are 65MM long. The barbarian is 28MM to the eye and adds another 18MM in height to the back of the cat. These are cast in lead free pewter and weight in at a whopping 4 ounces total each.

These will retail for $30.00 each and will be posted soon in the store for initial pre-orders due to the amount of metal that will be required by the caster to have on hand for this project. The production molds are ready, I just need to place the order for castings.

Pre-orders may now be made via the web store on the site. this is the first figure in the Legends of Fantasy line. Figures will ship on June 1st