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Lone Gunman Games Announces "Simple Amateur Sculpting Contest"

Lone Gunman Games is calling for modelers for their Simple Amateur Sculpting Contest. You could get your model professionally cast. That's pretty sweet.

We're hosting our first amateur sculpting contest!

I wanted something that was simple, so that anyone with some figure-modifying skills could participate even with the busiest of schedules.

All submissions must be photographed and sent in by August 1st, 2012. The winning submissions will be cast and made available for sale by Lone Gunman Games.

The contest consists of two categories for Post-Apocalyptic vehicle accessories – wheel covers and stowage. These need to be scaled for use with 1:43rd scale diecast vehicles (used with 28mm miniatures).

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be made from materials that will hold up under the mastering process.

All material used must be royalty-free (using pieces off of someone else's hobby products will result in a disqualification from the contest).

Entries will be judged based on photographs.

Wheel covers – These should be 10mm circles that just need to be glued onto the existing wheels. Make your best-looking wheel-ripping, leg-breaking, zombie-slicing covers!

Stowage panels – These should be no larger then 20mm wide and 30mm long, and will be glued to the top/back of the cars. These should be covered with all manner of modern equipment/supplies/junk that the post-apoc warrior/hoarder might desire to carry with him.

And now for the prizes

Winners in each category will receive:

1st Place
$50.00 USD store credit or $25.00 USD cash, plus a set each of the winning entries from both categories.

2nd Place
$30.00 USD store credit or $15.00 USD cash, plus a set each of the winning entries in your category.

3rd Place
$20.00 USD store credit or $10.00 USD cash, plus your item professionally cast.


If your entry isn't in the top three, but still excellent, we'll happily give you $5.00 USD and a professionally-cast copy of your entry as well!