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Lolth, Demon Queen of the Spiders available to pre-order from Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 is taking pre-orders for those of you that want the next of their premium Dungeons & Dragons figures. This one's for Lolth, Demon Queen of the Spiders.

From the pre-release:

Lolth favors the guise of a lithe dark elf woman dressed in a gossamer gown woven from the silk of spiders. Her long, silvery hair cascades down her back and frames a face of exquisite beauty. This appearance is a deception, though; Lolth’s true form captures her corrupt nature. In reality, Lolth is a massive spider, a black widow with dripping fangs and eight chitinous legs that support her body, which is bloated on devoured souls.

Shipping June 2013, this 28mm dark goddess of the Dungeons and Dragons world will be ready to terrorise your painting table soon! Cast in high quality resin with both True form and Dark Elf form versions.