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Locked & Loaded rules eBook only $11

Dream Pod 9 and DriveThruRPG are offering the Heavy Gear Blitz Locked & Loaded rules eBook for only $11. From their website:
The guys over at DriveThruRPG have cooked up another great promotion for the start of 2011 their New Year, New Game Sale. They have asked their top publishers to collect 30 "Big Ticket" books that can be sold for $11 from today through January 17th, 2011. Dream Pod 9 has agreed to help out and offer the Heavy Gear Blitz. Locked & Loaded Rulebook (DP9-9996, eBook, normally $27.50) for only $11. We think it will get new players to tryout the game and if you don't have the eBook of Locked & Loaded Rulebook yet, nows the chance. Pickup a copy for yourself or as a present for a friend.