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Lock & Load Badges Now Available

The year is coming to a close. It's time to get things ready for next year. Those of you that are big fans of Privateer Press and their various games I'm sure have Lock & Load on their list of events they'd like to attend. Well, you can take a step towards going with picking up your badge. They are available now.


Lock & Load has become Privateer Press' "big show." All of their organized play finishes and subsequently starts up with the show. So if you want to participate in the Iron Gauntlet World Championship, L&L is the place to do it.

They're also offering an incentive to stay in their room blocks at the hotels they've set aside. Those that stay for Friday and Saturday night will get an exclusive mini (seen above). It's a variant of Colbie from the Black River Irregulars. Obviously, with that incentive, rooms will be going fast, so you'll want to get yours set now.

The show will be from June 10th to June 12th in Bellevue, Washington.