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Lock and Load Tournament descriptions

Privateer Press have posted the descriptions of the various events that will be held at their Lock and Load gaming event. From their website:
The countdown to Lock & Load at Privateer Press HQ has officially begun. It has always been on the horizon, but with just a few months to go, it’s now on our minds all the time. It will take the efforts of every Privateer staffer to give the fans and attendees the experience they deserve. One of the biggest difficulties we faced with Lock & Load was packing all the tournaments, events, and demos into just two days. There will be a lot to see, and we want to give everyone who attends ample opportunity to experience as much as possible. That idea was incorporated into how we scheduled the major tournaments at Lock & Load. Some tournaments will be split into two parts, while others will have preliminaries to determine who will proceed. That way, attendees can take part in all the tournaments they want and still experience everything else Lock & Load has to offer. Rest assured, all attendees will have their plates full for Lock & Load.