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Lock and Load re-releasing Dark July

Lock and Load Publishing are going to be re-releasing the Dark July expansion for the Band of Heroes game. From their announcement:
We would like to give you an update on Lock 'n Load: Dark July. As many of you know, Dark July is our first historical module. An expansion to Band of Heroes and Not One Step Back, it focuses on the battles around Prochorovka in July of 1943--more or less the center of the German Kursk offensive. The game sold out over a year ago. We are excited to say the game will be back in stock within the next few days. The final component is winging its way to us right now. A word on the components. The scenarios, rules, and player aid card are now full color (they were black and white in the original). The scenarios and rules are included in an attractive booklet, similar to the one supplied with the second version of Swift and Bold. We have eschewed the two-part mounted board for a single, high-quality 22" x 34" paper map. This is different from the originally published component list, better we think, but we also understand that some might have preferred a mounted map. Hence, if anyone that has placed a pre-order would prefer not to purchase the game, just email us or call (540.420.2279) within the next few days and we won't charge your card. For the rest of you who want a chance to get a copy of Dark July at the pre-order price of $31.99 (about 25% off retail)