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Lobotomy Board Game Adding Add-Ons and Passing Stretch Goals

Seems that all y'all are crazy... crazy interested in Lobotomy, the new board game from Titan-Forge. In it, you play as a patient looking to escape from a hellish asylum. Or maybe it's all just in your mind... You may never know.
What we do know is that they've made it to more than 4x their funding goal already and have various unlocks and add-ons they've put on their campaign page.

So if you want some new insane people to play, or if you want to fight Cthulhu at the end of the game (what would show that you're insane more than fighting Cthulhu? If you weren't insane at the start, you probably will be at the end).

The campaign still has 17 days left on the clock to get in on the action.