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LOAD Combat Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Don't you just hate it when the forces of Chaos invade? I know I sure do. Things are going nice and calmly over on Atlantis and suddenly, Boom! Chaos invading! Those guys have no respect. So you've gotta fight back against them as part of the League of Ancient Defenders (or LOAD for short).
Or, I guess, you could be one of the Chaos invaders, if you so chose.
That's the story, anyway, behind LOAD, a new combat board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Load setup

The game simulates popular MOBA-style video games in that players control heroes and minions as they look to push through one (or more) of three lanes on the game board in order to get to the enemy base and attack it. There's towers, spawn points, and other obstacles that can get in your way as you head towards victory.

The game's doing rather well. They're already more than 5x funded with still 19 days left in the campaign.