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Little Red Goblin Games post update about their Necropunk Pathfinder campaign setting

Little Red Goblin Games posted an update about the status of their Necropunk Pathfinder campaign setting since their successful Kickstarter project.

From the update:

So just a real quick update. We have the game in the final editing phases. We recently grabbed a temporary editor, Christina Johnson, to help us edit the 140+ pages of material. The amount of material is staggering and every pass it looks better and better. We have our massive edit-fest starting Saturday as well. Basically we have broken the book into three parts and for the last two weeks our editors have been tackling extensive edits on the first chunk. We are all going to bring our notes in on Sat and do a massive edit! Then back to editing for another week or so followed by a final edit fest. We brought in two external editors as well do give it a pass and their advice had been invaluable. We believe a product is only as good as it’s editing so we want to make sure this is something that will be a pillar of good grammar :-)