Little Metal Dog reviews Hydra from TallTree

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May 21st, 2013

Little Metal Dog has posted up a review of Hydra from TallTree.

From the review:

Hydra designed and published by TallTree.

Hydra is a game for two players to test their mental ability and logical thinking against each other. With a look and feel of game that could have been played by men of the Norse whilst they drank and feasted in their Mead halls or even taken on the raiding trips and played at sea. Hydra is a completely new game of intelligence and cunning, you must create an unbroken line of tiles from one side of the board to the other whilst stopping your opponent from doing the same. The first person to do so wins the game.

A unique feature of Hydra is that it is played East to West and North to South or it could be West to East and South to North. The game gets its name from the style of play of creating lines that get broken like they have been cut and then you must start a new one, just like when Hercules cut off one head of the Hydra another new one or two grow back. The game mechanics are very simple with only three different types of tiles and a single hand count of rules to beat your opponent, makes Hydra easy to pick up but hard to put down.

Another unique design point of Hydra is it is self-contained in its own box that can be carried anywhere. The box has two end sections that can be used in the game as mat to keep your spare tiles on and the side of the box when laid flat make the playing board. With this unique design Hydra looks great when not in use sitting on your gaming self, but when laid out to play it looks fantastic.

Game play can take just a couple of minutes when you first learn to play, up to tens of minutes or more as you and your opponents learn the subtle flow of cunning tactics that are wrapped in Hydra.

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  • jedijon

    Boy I saw that photo and thought I was looking at another mock-up [print/play] copy of the Duke…

    But we all know THAT game is something like a year away…

  • simon6825

    This game will be on public sale at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham this week end 25th /26th May. I hope to have a website up and running soon so if you cannot make it to the Games Expo then you can get it through there also looking at releasing through Amazon market place.

    This is a completely different game to Duke 🙂