Little Big Men release new transfers

Little Big Men Studio have added several sets of transfers to their online store.

Etruscan decals

From their website:

Finally I have done a sheet of Celtic transfers for the 15mm Xyston Miniatures. I have been meaning to do this for a while now but other work constantly got in the way. It is a sheet of 48 designs of very intricate detailing. They will be tricky to cut out due to the nature of Celtic shield boss and spine shapes (this is unavoidable) But if you spend the time you will get some great results. Also just finished some new Etruscan designs for Gorgan Miniatures, 2 sheets of 2nd class square sctum designs and 1 sheet of cavalry designs.

I have just finished some new cavalry sheets for Aventine miniatures, 2 sheets of Etruscan cavalry designs and 2 sheets of Republican Roman designs. Just done a bit of updating as well by adding the new Gripping Beast Viking sheets for their plastics and metals plus added Gorgon Miniatures as a category. I am going to be working on some Xyston Ancient Indian transfers next.