Litko releases tokens and gauges for Ganesha Games

Litko Aerosystems have released a set of tokens and accessories for use with Ganesha Games’ rule sets.

Ganesha 15mm gauge

From their announcement:

Litko has just made available two sets (one for 15mm games and one for 25mm+ games) of 1 template and 15 tokens. They are designed for use with any of Ganesha Games brand game rules. In the set you get an appropriately sized move tool showing Short, Medium and Long range movement. Also included in the set are 15 tokens for indicating models that have fallen, are wounded or are transfixed.

These sets were designed for use with the Ganesha Games. Litko Aerosystems, Inc. is affiliated with Ganesha Games and we endorse these products.

The 15mm set is $9,99 and the 25mm set is $12,99.