LITKO releases Pop Culture tokens

FUBARLITKO have added a set of Pop Culture tokens to their online store. From their announcement: Poke fun at your gaming friends, and yourself, with our new LITKO pop culture tokens...available now. Choose one, or collect all six styles. When your opponent rolls snake eyes, give them an "EPIC FAIL" token. This is generally done just before the proverbial "YES" is shouted, and the classic Tiger Woods style clinched fist is quickly drawn to your side in triumph. On the other hand, should you lose your battleship...proper etiquette suggests a "FUBAR" token be placed humbly on the table in front of yourself. Of course all rookie- like mistakes need a "NOOB" token awarded to that person -with a "better luck next time" gesture of pity- generally applied to your ally, or teammate, who just hurt your chances of winning. If the unexpected happens..."OMG" tokens work. Then again, when your opponent wins a battle -despite the fact that you outnumbered him/her by more than 3 to 1- A "WTF" token is the only thing that will do, and yes, these tokens do bounce when impacting the game table at a high velocity. The video/computer gamers amongst us will appreciated the "PWNED" tokens more than anyone. Finally, it is highly recommended that if a teammate makes a second mistake after receiving a "NOOB" token, you immediately, and vigorously bombard them with "WTF" tokens until they acquiesce their command to you -so you may save the day. :-) These are available now from, and our authorized retailers. Upgrade Your Game!