LITKO releases Ground Target & Anti-Aircraft Token Set

LITKO have added a new token set with Ground Target & Anti-Aircraft tokens.

Ground Target & Anti-Aircraft Token Set
Ground Target & Anti-Aircraft Token Set

From their announcement:

LITKO releases an exciting new Air Combat: Ground Target & AA Token set, item TS184. Whether you are playing the W.O.W. game system, or other popular aerial combat rules – this new token will add purpose, and a dash of realism, to your themed scenarios by providing you with ground target objectives for your bombing and strafing runs, wreckage indicators, flak markers and corresponding anti-aircraft guns.

This set includes:

  • 3-Factory tokens
  • 3-Train Depot tokens
  • 3-Airfield tokens
  • 3-Naval Base tokens
  • 3-Radar Station tokens
  • 3-Anti Aircraft Guns
  • 5-Blast tokens
  • 3-Wreckage markers
  • 1- 4” high 3D flak blast marker

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