LITKO releases Arkham compatible game accessories

LITKO have released a series of gaming accessories compatible with the FFG Arkham Horror series of boardgames.

Arkham accessories

From their announcement:

LITKO Game Accessories has released a series of new board game accessories that are compatible with the “Arkham Horror ® board game published by Fantasy Flight Games.

These new board game products include gate stands, large closed gate elder symbols, monster stands and new bases that hold both the new Investigators ™ miniatures, and the original character markers on a single stand.

The Gates: Two different gates are offered…A tall thematic “ iron” gate made of high quality black acrylic that securely holds the gate token vertically upright so players clearly know at a glance where each active gate is located on the board. The second gate functions the same, but features a mythos theme with scary green tentacles.

The Elder Sign Token: This cool looking translucent blue “closed gate” elder sign is the same size as the original gate token itself, and is securely held by either gate marker you choose. Players will no longer overlook the penny sized “closed gate” elder signs that come with the game. These impressive larger tokens create a greater sense of accomplishment for having successfully closed the gate while risking physical harm, and loss of sanity, for their investigators.

Monster Bases: These green, or red, tentacle bases hold the monster tokens upright for easy viewing of the evil being’s stats on both sides, but also help further the theme with the mythos tentacles giving a slithering effect.

Miniatures Stands: Featured in a separate photo, these unique stands allow players to mount both the original investigator cardboard ”tombstone shaped” image markers, and the new miniatures on the same stand without taking up a lot of space. The effect is both functional (easy to identify your character & move your piece around the board) but visually it is highly cool. The miniature creates a 3D impact, while the original marker gives a close up image of the investigators face which is the image on your player card.

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The cardboard gates and monster tokens featured in the photo are published by FFG. LITKO is not affiliated with, nor are our Arkham game accessories endorsed by, Fantasy Flight Games.