Litko BaseMaker now makes Pill Bases

Litko Aerosystems have updated their BaseMaker system and added Pill shaped bases.


From their announcement:

Can’t find the exact base you need for that new ruleset you’re playing? Let Litko’s BaseMaker help you.

We’ve upgraded our BaseMaker tool so you can now make Pill-shaped bases. Also included in this update are new materials Fluorescent Orange and Fluorescent Pink.

What can you design with BaseMaker?

  • Get custom-sized rectangular, hex, oval and round bases.
  • Get rounded corners on rectangular and hex bases.
  • Choose from 32 different materials including three thicknesses of wood and 25 colors of acrylic.
  • Get a pre-drilled hole for a flight peg.

Can’t seem to get it done with BaseMaker? We can still help you out, just visit our contact page and tell us what you’re looking for.