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LITKO announces new Advanced Mecha Combat token set

LITKO have released the Advanced Mecha Combat token set. Advanced Mecha Combat token set From their announcement:
This new set is a 29 piece token and marker set for use with Classic Battletech*. The set includes 12- double-sided tokens, 8- single sided tokens, 4- Artillery Strike markers, 4- Flaming Wreckage markers, and 1 Core Breach marker . The Mecha Combat tokens set is perfect for showing the status of your mechs and other battlefield conditions during the game. The tokens are oversized, up to 35mm across. Easy to read. Easy to pick up. They are large enough that you can even place them under your miniatures to keep the game clutter to a minimum. This set also includes the Core Breach marker. This marker is great for showing the devastating effects of your mechs blowing up. *This Litko Token and Marker set was designed for use with the Classic Battletech rules by Catalyst Game Labs. *Battletech is a registered trademark of Wizkids, Inc. Litko Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Catalyst Game Labs or Wizkids, Inc. and they do not endorse these products