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Limited Time Remaining for Death Ride Kursk – Totenkopf Pre-Order Coupons

Grognard Simulations is about to send their Death Ride Kursk files out to be printed for publishing. If you want them at a significant savings, send in your order now.


From the announcement:

Death Ride Kursk – Totenkopf is in final preparation for publishing. Sales of Pre-Order Coupons, which will save you 33% on the cost of Totenkopf, will be ending soon. The price for the released game is set for $150. This package is huge. And the coupon gets you the extra benefit of a FREE upgrade for one of the existing maps in the original 3 game series (GD, 3Pz, 11Pz).

The link to the page to purchase your Pre-Order Coupon is here.

Release is scheduled to be in the March/April 2014 time frame. Production of components has begun.