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Limited Edition model available to pre-order from Guild Ball this weekend

Guild Ball is taking pre-orders for a new, limited edition, player over on their website. It's this weekend only, so don't miss out.



From the update (there's a lot) :

We have been pretty busy once again (what's new!) working on stuff behind the scenes, today we can reveal some of those details.

Pre Order Store Launch + New Site

We are currently building our pre-order shop and updating our website to have far more information on than it has currently - transitioning from Kickstarter. Its something we have had a lot of questions about and its very important to us to allow people to check about our models, current updates and breakdowns about the teams, etc all in one place. This will be launched on Friday 6th June 2014. This does mean some potential downtime on the forums while we make this transition, so please bare with us

Limited Edition Model 2014

To tie in with the launch of the store, we will be selling for a limited time over that weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) our 2014 Limited Edition Alternative Sculpt. This model will be available exclusively at shows and conventions (and online during those times if you cannot attend).

As you can see from the image attached, Boiler is our 2014 exclusive alternative sculpt for 2014! In his lovely dynamic pose, the VERY cool thing about this model is we are having a limited run produced so once purchased they will be the first Guild Ball miniature available to be shipped to people immediately! We expect to have them in shortly after our new site/shop launch. We did want to show at the UK Games Expo this weekend but due to an issue at our 3D printers we have had to delay this.

Call to Retailers!

It is very important to us at Guild Ball to support the game at the local gaming stores first and foremost. With the launch of our pre-order store we have a store locator option at the top for people to find where locally will be selling our game. We actively encourage consumers to purchase from local stores first. It helps our game and community grow and supports the most important aspect of the games development - its presence in local game stores. As backers of our project we would love it if you could approach your local gaming stores if they are currently not on our list of retailers that will be selling the game.

A quick breakdown of what retailers will get currently when pre-ordering Guild Ball for their store:

* Listed as one of our Official Guild Ball Retailer on our site and store locator - accessible via

* A demo kit for use within the store (3v3 - Fisherman vs Butchers) including cards, Quick Play Rules,etc. Dispatched from 20th June 2014.

* Excellent same day dispatch (UK retailers can expect same day dispatch and next day delivery with a 1 hour delivery slot notification) upon launch.

* Easily reachable retailer customer service.

As with our Kickstarter we are working alongside Element Games who have a long standing reputation for putting service and speed first. Their distribution of Guild Ball should ensure that the same attitude we have approached our Kickstarter with in terms of quality and reliability will be upheld.

If you have a local retailer that you would like to see stock Guild Ball products, please contact us or get your local store to at with details. Thanks once again to all the people who have already helped us out in this regard.