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Limited Copies of CitiesUP Available From Spectacled Bear Games

Having your Kickstarter product available for general sale, I see, is the final step to a successful campaign. Spectacled Bear Games has a limited number of their CitiesUP board game now available over in their webshop. Have you ever wanted to be in charge of your own city? That's just what you get to do in the game. I know I'd lay out the roads better than those that designed Atlanta...

The game puts players in charge of developing a city as investors. In order to gain revenue, they must erect buildings and then supply them with the basic needs of things like electricity and water. But there's also Civic buildings that don't create funds, but cost them. However, they're things the city also needs, like schools and police and fire stations. Players compete to have the most revenue when the final building is put into place.