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Lil' Cthulhu Card Game Up On Kickstarter

A friend of mine is about to have her baby. It will be a grand day for her family and all of her friends. We're 99.99999% sure it's going to be a baby human. Taking care of a baby Cthulhu would probably be a lot tougher than taking care of a regular baby. But to prepare you, just in case, there's an instructional card game, Lil' Cthulhu, up on Kickstarter now.


In the game, players are looking to meet baby Cthulhu's demands. He wants certain toys and you need to find those for him. Players get sanity tokens that they use to draw from a deck of cards containing toy parts (used to make the toys Cthulhu wants), dark toy cards (that will protect them from the ravages of baby Cthulhu as well as let you sabotage other cultists), and tantrum cards (Cthulhu wants his toys NOW!). Each draw from the deck costs sanity, as will other things in the game. Completing toys for Cthulhu will get you some sanity back. Be the first player to complete 3 toys, or the last cultist standing with any sanity left and you win!

The campaign's about half-funded with still 21 days left to go.