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Lexicons of Dueling: Japanese Katana Up On Kickstarter

Lexicons of Dueling is a card game that takes from actual fighting manuals for various types of weapons and puts them in your hands. They've created several decks already for such weapons as rapiers and English longswords. Now, they're headed to the land of the rising sun with the Japanese Katana. This is the first of their far-Eastern decks they have planned. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Lexicons of Dueling is a real time, fast paced, card game that pits two opponents, with swords and manuals of arms or styles of fighting, against each other in one-on-one or even through multiplayer combat. The first three decks brought us the culture of Europe through the Middle Ages and now we follow the trade routes towards Asia and the "Land of the Rising Sun". Lexicons is introducing three new weapons beginning with the katana blade, the other weapons will be announced and produced later on next year, and its manual can be used with the bastard sword weapon and manual of arms from their introductory set.

Lexicons of Dueling also introduces new and original artwork featuring the talents of Taylor Fischer and modeling by the beautiful Yaya Han (Cosplayer and Costume Designer). This edition also will feature new hero cards in full color to use with game play.

Stretch goals will include the original artwork in a play mat format as well as a chance to get previous decks, including the Rapier and the Claymore, and music to use during game pay.

These decks are fantastic for quick play between tournaments as well as being an incredibly useful tool in LARPing events. As the game progresses, future decks and weapons will allow a variety of deck building opportunities as some weapon manuals will be interchangeable with other weapons.

The campaign's right about halfway funded with still 18 days left to go.