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Lexicon Gaming Convention on Kickstarter

Lexicon is a gaming convention coming (hopefully) to Lexington. They're up on Kickstarter now and looking to get their event funded.


From the campaign:

What is Lexicon? Well, we hope it is more than just a gaming weekend. Don't get us wrong, there are lots and lots of games. BUT. You can just get together with your friends and you can play games. Like last year, we want Lexicon to be so much more than that. We want it to be a weekend (not just any weekend ... April 17-19. 2015) of fun and friends and memories you're never going to forget.

We are bringing back the best stuff. The 1000+ game library, the Saturday party (with Werewolf and special treats from West 6th) and the Cosplay contest will all be back. RPGs, CCGs, open gaming, new releases, play-to-win, all of those will be there. And of course we will have lots of tournaments and the latest games from the best publishers including brand new 2015 releases.