Leviathans Point System Open Alpha Test

Catalyst Game Labs have posted a free PDF which will allow gamers to test the point system for their Leviathans Victorian Sci-fi combat game.

From their website:

While you all await that news, however, I’m here to announce the Point System Open Alpha Test. I’ve been kicking the point system around for some months now. As with everything about Leviathans, I’ve tried hard to balance a workable system with a simple system. For those that have seen the Battle Value System for BattleTech…well, it’s pretty complicated. Then again that game has far, far more moving parts, shall we say, and trying to address all of that in a game balancing framework is enough to unhinge the sanity. Leviathans doesn’t have near that same issues…but it still has its own internal complexity and addressing that in a way that’s relatively easy has been challenging.

However, while I’m happy with the over-all direction, there’s still some niggles I’m not too happy with. With that in mind, and more fully embracing the Creative Commons aspect of Leviathans than ever, I’m tapping the growing community to playtest the Point System as fully as possible in the month of May.

On both DriveThruRPG and the BattleShop you’ll find a free PDF, “Point System Open Alpha Test”, containing the Point System as it pertains to the Lieutenant’s Manual (as well as all other released PDFs), along with extensive examples for ease of understanding and use.

Check out their website for more details including news of a delay in the games releases.