Leviathans Open Beta Test: Fog of War Initiative PDF? posted

Catalyst Game Labs has the next open beta PDF for Leviathans posted up online. Try it out and help shape the future of the game.


From the update:

irst, thanks to everyone that voted…got the tallies below. Really fascinating to see what the community is eager to try and what ranks lower on the list.

Rate of Fire: 13?Faction Abilities: 7?Steering Rolls: 6?Commanders: 5?Fog of War Initiative: 4?Mountains: 4?Range (Expanded): 4?Ship Repairs (Expanded): 4?Breaking the Keel Roll (Expanded): 3?Ramming (Expanded): 1?Cargo Ships: 1?Recoil: 1

So if those are the tallies and Fog of War Initiative is the fifth, why is it first? Easy, it’s ready to go now. I’d pinged Matt a while back to generate that PDF. Then after the fact I thought it would be far cooler to ask you guys what you wanted to see, but in the meantime Matt generated this PDF. So…this one comes first…and then we’ll start flowing into the order above in future weeks.