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Leviathans making their way out to you soon

Leviathans had some sets at Origins, but now they're gearing up for their full release to the world.

From them to you:

I know…I can hear it now: “Didn’t you guys launch at Origins?” Well…not really. We managed to sell some copies, which was fantastic. But we literally flew the copies in for the show. So no, not a launch…let’s call that the sea trials.

Instead, August 2012 will be the official launch of Leviathans into the cobalt dome!

Why August, you ask? Well, Gen Con of course! Unless a ship sinks or train derails (it is Leviathans, after all), we can announce that it will be at Gen Con! While there won’t be an unlimited number, we’re working hard to ensure there’ll be very respectable piles of the Core Box Set each day to satiate the desire. However, it will be limited and it will be first come first serve…line up early and rush the gunwales to grab the loot!

While we don’t have a Street Date yet (you know how we hate giving that out until it’s actually in our warehouse), we feel confident in saying the Core Box Set should be on store shelves by the end of August.