Leviathans Lieutenant’s Manual QSR now free

Catalyst Game Labs have posted an updated version of the Leviathans Lieutenant’s Manual Quick Start Rules and are now making the PDF a free download.

From their website:

As I mentioned in the blog post concerning moving the submission deadline on the Win A Free Miniature Contest, more and more people are aware of Leviathans, coming to the site, and so on. As we start hitting more critical mass and as more main stream steampunk and gaming sites pick up the excitement, I felt it was time to not only generate an updated Lieutenant’s Manual quick-start rules (it’s been 18 months since it was released, after all), but time to release it for free so the PDF can migrate as far and as wide as the aether winds will carry it.

With that in mind, there’s now a new Downloads page on the site that includes 3 free PDFs that’ll have people into the universe and game in no time.