Leviathans GenCon report

By tgn_admin
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Aug 15th, 2011

The Armchair General website has posted a three page article looking at the Leviathans demo games held at GenCon 2011.

  • blkdymnd

    Maybe the concepts were better than I remember, but I don’t think the models are near as impressive as I remember them to be. Probably pass on this one.

  • Yup. They started the hype way too early.

    • Zac

      Not really. They started the hype based on their original projections for a release date.

      The game was significantly delayed by the internal issues they had which lead to their main production person (as in the guy getting the games built) leaving the company. Randall, the developer, had to put on several new hats at the company which lead to him having a lot less time to develop the game. So in addition to developing it he now is the guy getting the artwork done, getting he boxes specced and dealing with printers.

      No-one expected the game to be delayed this long.

      • Good points…then the delay has caused a loss of the original hype for me.

  • the_duke

    I lost track of Leviathans when they had their internal issues but the final product looks very interesting. And having just rediscovered how much fun Battletech is I’m keen to take a look once it releases and they have the final product ready.

  • IndyMike

    I have a concern with the miniatures. The plastic is very rigid and brittle. The ships have very small, finely detailed masts and such that I fear will break over time with the handling they will no doubt receive.

    The ships do lend themselves to playing straight out of the box. They will really look nice with wash too.

    • IndyMike

      I should also add the demo at GenCon was very fun. My concerns about the plastic quality aside, I am looking forward to the release of this game. Core set plus the two expansions (British and French fleet supplements) are on my buy list.

      • T34

        I dunno. I shattered the heck out of my demo minis during the transit home. Especially the noted tiny masts. Most were busted either at the base or up top, leaving me with 3 pieces in some cases. Luckily the plastic is extremely receptive to Zap A Gap type superglue. Freakishly so.

        In the end the stuff went back together splendidly. A bit of clean up, filler (again with Zap A Gap) and I think they painted up pretty nice…



  • the Paper Warrior

    They’ve worked forever on this game I hope it does well for them. I’ve never owned a ship game but the ships look really pretty, and steampunk, and it’s a whole game in a box. I’ll probably buy that.