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Let's go shopping for shops

Heroic Maps has released their new village stores terrain tiles. Go shopping for some shops.


From the release:

Village Stores is a geomorphic set, comprising 4 10x10 square battlemaps which can be arranged in multiple layouts. Useful for countless RPG encounters, the set includes:

Tavern: The Blind Stag, a small tavern with warm fire, benches and backrooms - the watering hole of the village's denizens

Apothecary : Use an an alchemist, magic shop, apothecary or other mystical shop. Packed with scrolls, books and potions, with a fallen stone outside

General Store: Rope, food, provisions - stop here before your next subterranean adventure

Blacksmith: Shoe your horse, or invest in a better blade. Ironmongery, armour and more.

Also included is a set of 300dpi full size jpgs, for poster printing or VTT.