Less than 2 weeks left for Twilight Creature Design Competition

There are less than two weeks left in which to submit your entries to the World of Twilight Creature Design Competition.

From their announcement:

There are just under two weeks left of the creature design contest on the World of Twilight forum. There have been a few entries so far, but there is loads of scope for other ideas and still plenty of time to get inspired and start doodling. There are lots of Twilight goodies up for grabs as prizes, along with the potential to see your ideas in miniature form. You don’t need to be a great artist to enter and there’s nothing to stop you entering more than once if you are feeling particularly creative.

You can check out some of the entries so far on the Twilight forum, and they all feel like they could be wandering over the world of Anyaral so the contest is wide open. The entries are however currently lacking any really vicious predators, unusual mounts or flying creatures, so there are plenty of other niches left to explore.