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Less Strategy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Less Strategy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Less is a new abstract strategy board game up on Kickstarter and looking for funding love.
And love they have found. The campaign is more than 2x funded with still 37 days left on the clock.
But what’s all the excitement about? Let’s take a look.

In Less, players are trying to move all of their pieces into their opponent’s corner first. The board is randomly made out of cards that are shuffled and dealt into a 3×3 grid. During your turn, you get three moves. Moving a space orthogonally or jumping over a piece counts as one move. Jumping a wall counts as two moves. Jumping a double wall counts as three. Pretty simple. But seeing as the board is randomly determined each game, you’ll never have the same game twice.

As I mentioned, the campaign’s more than 2x funded and still has 37 days left on the clock to get in on it, if you want.