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Les Poilus Recieving English Version Release As The Grizzled

Les Poilus Recieving English Version Release As The Grizzled

Announced at the GAMA Trade Show, the French game Les Poilus (first release in France in February 2015) is receiving an English translation and release in America as The Grizzled thanks to Sweet Games and CoolMiniOrNot. Les Poilus was designed by Fabien Riffaud and Juan Rodriguez, with art by Tignous, who was a victim of the tragic Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, France.

The Grizzled, whose tagline is “Can Friendship be stronger than War?”, is a game of survival set in the trenches of World War I. Players must work together to survive the terrible conditions or everyone loses.

Unique amongst games set during the World Wars, The Grizzled doesn’t have players actively fighting. Instead, they take on the role of one of the Poilus, the French infantryman of WWI, and face the everyday trials and hardships these men suffered in the trenches.

In the game, these trials are represented as a deck with a Peace card at the bottom. Players must make it to Peace before their opposing Moral deck is depleted or any one player has faced too many hardships.

Stay tuned to TGN for future news and a more in depth look at The Grizzled.