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Legionnaire Games Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium now available

Legionnaire Games is pleased to announce the release of the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium.

Strike Legion Tactical


From the release:

More than just a simple compilation of the four books in the Strike Legion Tactical series (the award-winning Strike Legion Main Rulebook, Module 1: The Genome Gambit, Module 2: The Clockwork Armies and Skunk Works), the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium contains one of the most complete game systems available on the market today for playing ‘hard’ Science Fiction or Science Fantasy miniatures battles using small-scale miniatures (2mm to 15mm).

While the easy-to-learn core game rules and procedures (including Strike Legion’s unique, integrated Electronic Warfare system) have not changed from their original versions, many of the procedures around those core rules have been simplified or standardized. All of the various weapons and systems whose use was formerly tracked using check boxes on unit Data Cards have been modified to simple (Depletion or Usage) die roll functions, obviating the need for most written records during game play, and many other sections have been edited or re-written for better clarity and ease of implementation.