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Legionnaire Games releases Strike Legion: Planetary Operations

Strike Legion: Planetary Operations coverLegionnaire Games have released the Strike Legion: Planetary Operations rules. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games has released the Strike Legion: Planetary Operations miniatures rulebook PDF ($14.99). Strike Legion: Planetary Operations presents a view of past, present, and future ground combat at a 'Grand Tactical" scale, with each unit representing a battalion-sized combat group. The game includes:
  • Command and Orders systems that emphasizes the importance of troop quality and command competency.
  • Rules that are divided into Basic, Advanced, and Optional sections for ease of learning, and to allow players to more easily decide which elements to include or exclude from their games based on their playing preferences.
  • Six pre-generated forces, including game data and TO&E for dozens of different ground, air, and naval formations from 'high tech', 'bugs and bug hunters', and Victorian SciFi genres.
  • Seven 'set-piece' scenarios that allow players to apply what they've learned, or to experiment with different play options.
  • Eight 'generic' scenarios, suitable for 'pick-up' games, or as the starting point for a campaign game.
  • Complete unit construction rules that allow player to create game stats for nearly any troop or vehicle type they've seen in films or from miniatures manufacturers, read about in novels or history books, or from their own imaginations.
  • Three different campaign games: fight through a 'scenario tree' campaign, contest a single planetary sector, or determine the fate of an entire world over multiple operational sectors in the Planetary Operations campaign game.
  • Enough markers and play aids to support the level of play in which the players choose to immerse themselves.
Test your command abilities in challenging, enjoyable, and memorable battles with Strike Legion: Planetary Operations.