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Legionnaire Games releases Close Quarters

Legionnaire Games has released their newest print-and-play board game: Close Quarters. Available now on Wargame Vault.

From the release:

Close Quarters is a fast-paced print 'n play boardgame of futuristic man-to-man combat, played on maps created from multiple room tiles. Using easy-to-learn game mechanics, The Prometheus Incident places players in the roles of the defending crewmembers of the Earth Protectorate Ship Prometheus or the troopers of an assaulting rebel faction intent on capturing the vessel for their own purposes, with battles fought within the confines of the key areas of the ship.

Close Quarters: The Prometheus Incident includes:

*Complete game rules for playing Close Quarters, including rules that will be used in future combat modules;
*Over 30 unique room and corridor map tiles, rendered at 300dpi for best printing results. Use them in the provided scenarios, those of your own design, or to spice up the combat layouts of your favorite SciFi RPG.
*Five highly replayable scenarios that allow players to re-create the more intense segments of the action aboard the Prometheus.
*Background fiction describing the basis of the overall conflict and each of the scenarios.
*All of the counters, markers, and reference sheets necessary to play - everything but dice!

Close Quarters can also be played on any RPG-compatible map overprinted with 1" squares, allowing players to use self-created or commercially available maps or deck plans from their collection when playing this game.