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Legionnaire Games release The War That Never Was

The War That Never WasLegionnaire Games have released a modern supplement for their Strike Legion: Planetary Operations sic-fi rules called The War That Never Was. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games has released The War That Never was: a Planetary Operations Module ($6.99 PDF): May 1, 1989: The world goes to war as Soviet forces lead the Warsaw Pact armies against the defenders of the West. The war was brief, brutal, and nearly destroyed the developed world. Or, it could have - had it actually happened. Step into an alternate past to play out battles from The War That Never Was on a brigade and divisional level. This Strike Legion: Planetary Operations module includes:
  • New rules for engineers (including bridging, bridge demolition, vehicle recovery, and in-game construction of fortifications), scouts, anti-tank detachments, rocket artillery, and more (each of which can be adapted to any Planetary Operations game or setting);
  • Special rules specific to both NATO and Warsaw Pact armies to better capture the feel of commanding these forces;
  • Force lists and Data Cards for operating the armies of the United States, West Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Soviet Union, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary on your tabletop battlefields;
  • Five scenarios and one campaign game highlighting the action of World War Three from Denmark to the Dardanelles;
  • Additional units and force organizations that allow players to alter the time or location of the war with more modern equipment and formations not highlighted in the scenarios.
History awaits your decision... Note: this is not a complete game. You must own a copy of the Strike Legion: Planetary Operations rulebook to utilize the materials contained herein.