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Legionnaire Games Release Task Force Zeta starship combat game

Legionnaire Games has released Task Force Zeta.

From their announcement:

Task Force Zeta is a game of starship combat set in any future you wish to imagine! Fight ship-on-ship duels with the enemy or engage entire fleets in battles of 50-60 ships per fleet - and finish the battle in anywhere from 30 minutes to an afternoon's gaming time.

The rulebook is divided into easy-to-learn sections and uses a form of programmed instruction, allowing players to apply newly-learned rules sections over the course of seven scenarios - begin playing the game in as little as 15 minutes!

Task Force Zeta Volume One: Ships of the Line includes:

*Basic, Inertial, and Gravitic starship movement drives;
*Eleven distinct weapons classes, each having a different effect against the enemy's six different types of ship's armor and shields;
*Four basic types of torpedoes and drones;
*Integrated Electronic Warfare rules that are simple to execute but leave players with difficult choices each turn;
*A simple Power Management option to adjust each ship's combat, defense, and movement capabilities.
*Support for fighters and carrier operations;
*Multiple optional rules;
*A couple dozen ship and fighter designs for use in the enclosed scenarios;
*Complete construction rules that allow for literally hundreds of basic fighter and ship hull configurations - before adding systems and weapons.
* On-line support in the form of free fleet list downloads for fleets from popular SciFi media sources and select miniatures manufacturers;
*Lots of decompressive, explosive fun!

Task Force Zeta scales combat at 1 miniature equals one ship or a squadron of fighters/shuttles.